We understand that the journey through cancer can be challenging, both emotionally and financially

That’s why we are here to be your unwavering support
system, your trusted friend, and your financial ally.

Our non-profit agency is 100% Elkhart County, independent, and not affiliated with the American Cancer Society

Empowering lives with our
comprehensive support services

At our organization, we understand that the journey through cancer is not solely about research and treatment. We go above and beyond, focusing on the emotional well-being, planning, and care that cancer patients and their families need. Our commitment extends to providing vital referrals, financial aid, and wellness programs that can make a significant difference in your battle against cancer. We believe in addressing not just the disease itself but also the hearts and minds of those facing this challenging path. Join us in this journey, and together, we can empower lives beyond cancer.

Community-powered cancer support

Cancer Resources takes pride in not relying on government funding. Instead, we count on the support of individuals, businesses, and organizations like yours to create a meaningful impact in our community. Your contributions through donations, event sponsorships, grants, and volunteer work are the driving force behind our caring cancer support. Together, we can make a positive difference in the battle against cancer and enhance the lives of those affected by this disease. Join us in this collective endeavor to inspire change and bring hope to our community.

Our typical client:

  • Solidly middle-income
  • Employer-provided health insurance
  • Income loss
  • Soaring out-of-pocket deductibles