Planned Giving to Cancer Resources

You may think that you have to be wealthy to join a Legacy Family, but there is nothing further from the truth!

As you know, Cancer Resources relies completely on local donations to carry out our mission helping Elkhart County cancer patients. However, direct cash donations are only one way to support our cause. Actually, you may have several methods that you could use to support Cancer Resources’ mission.

For example, end-of-life gifts are an easy way to support Cancer Resources without feeling the budget crunch now. Naming Cancer Resources for a percentage of your estate after passing is an excellent method of support. Even easier, is to call your insurance agent and designate Cancer Resources for a percentage of your life insurance benefit. One of the most popular Legacy Gifts is to name Cancer Resources for Memorial Donations instead of flowers when family members pass away.

Designating funds from your retirement account is an smart way to avoid potentially heavy taxes and not affect your monthly budget. As is donating property such as a house, land, or a car.  You may have stock either personally or in a retirement fund that has grown over the years, and donating that stock will avoid large capital gains taxes.  If you have a trust or charitable fund, you could send donations to Cancer Resources from that source too.

Also, you could designate Legacy Gifts directly to Cancer Resources or to our fund at the Community Foundation of Elkhart County.  Whatever your method, if you have questions please feel free to call Pete at (574) 875-5158, and if you choose to leave local cancer patients a Legacy Gift, please tell us so that we can add your name to our Legacy Family

Thank you for your caring and support!




November is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. If you don’t have symptoms or a family history, most doctors do not perform a physical check but rely solely on blood tests, so now is the time to schedule your physical.

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