Cancer Resources – Elkhart, Indiana – Direct Financial Aid

Although Cancer Resources is known for providing financial aid to Elkhart County cancer patients, our programs offer much more.  When someone is diagnosed with cancer, they are most often emotionally overwhelmed. So, Cancer Resources’ caring staff walks every cancer patient through a comprehensive planning process.

Our theory is that when you enter a new phase of life, you’re always better if you have a plan. The problem with cancer, the medical industry, and the insurance industry is that most people don’t know where to start asking the right questions. Cancer Resources’ staff helps the cancer patient recognize where their strengths and deficits are, and helps them better understand how they can use Cancer Resources’ financial aid. In addition, Cancer Resources’ clients are overwhelmingly middle income people who’ve never asked a nonprofit organization for help. In 2016.

In 2016, Cancer Resources identified 22% of our clients who could potentially benefit from services offered by other organizations. UC’s referrals benefited our cancer patients by an estimated additional $151,000.  In addition, our caring staff works to stay in contact with our clients to provide vital emotional support to them and their families as they face the stress and fear of cancer treatment. In fact in 2016, United Cancer’s staff made over 2,000 client contacts, averaging more than eight contacts per day.

In 2016, Cancer Resources dedicated over $252,000 to our programs which include both staff time dedicated to planning and emotional support, as well as over $125,000 in direct financial aid.

New for 2017, Cancer Resources is offering Wellness Programs including, Yoga and Reiki to help with exercise and relaxation, Nutrition Classes to help with healthy eating during cancer treatment, and Art Classes to help express and deal with the emotions of cancer treatment

Also new in 2017, UC has connected with Express Employment Professionals to provide employment counseling as well as help in finding physically appropriate work environments for recuperating patients. Contact us for more information about our direct financial aid.



November is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. If you don’t have symptoms or a family history, most doctors do not perform a physical check but rely solely on blood tests, so now is the time to schedule your physical.

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