Cancer Patient Support Services

The Doctors, Nurses and Hospitals are dedicated to making the patient’s medical condition better. Cancer Resources is dedicated to reducing our clients emotional stress, by being a friend for them as they go through cancer treatment. Also, Cancer Resources is dedicated to helping their fiscal condition, by helping them make a plan, get connected to new resources, and providing direct financial aid.

Journey through Treatment Program

Cancer Resources’ Journey Through Treatment program helps cancer patients change from being overwhelmed, passive recipients of healthcare, to becoming educated, proactive planners for their time in treatment. How does this happen?


Journey through Treatment helps the cancer patient:

  • Calculate their health insurance contribution, so that they can estimate their out-of-pocket expense
  • Investigate options for substituting the income they will lose while they are in treatment
  • Consider their regular living expenses
  • Assess their family & friend support structure
  • Then CR helps the patient design their plan for the Journey Through Treatment
  • Finally, CR can apply our strategic tools of referral, lifestyle change and direct financial support.

Do I qualify for help

Cancer Resources does not have financial requirements for who we will help. That’s because most people’s financial situation changed the moment they were diagnosed with cancer. In 2023, 98% of the people who asked for help have existing health insurance. Why are so many insured people asking for help? Because most cancer patients cannot work while they are in treatment, but life’s regular living expenses don’t stop when you are diagnosed with cancer. Then add the ever growing out-of pocket costs of insurance deductibles and scores of co-pays from treatment, tests and medications, and solidly middle class families quickly find themselves financially and emotionally overwhelmed.


Who does Cancer Resources help:

  • A cancer patient who lives or works in Elkhart County
  • And who is currently receiving immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery
  • Some cancers do not require follow-up treatment, so Cancer Resources will help those Elkhart County cancer patients who have been diagnosed with cancer within the last 12 months.
  • If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, please do not hesitate to refer any cancer patient who falls within the above criteria and is not in hospice care contact us